8th LEGACy online course

8th LEGACy online course

Last Thursday 7th of January, Mauricio P. Pinto, PhD, gave an insightful presentation in the framework of Legacy project and was part of the 8th LEGACy online course.  

Gastric cancer in Chile: Molecular and clinical profiling of patients in a high incidence/high mortality country was the name of the presentation. The speaker provided some interesting facts and figures as well as a comprehensive analysis regarding Gastric Cancer in Chile. 

If you would like to download his presentation, click here.

Furthermore, Mr. Pinto also provided us with two interesting articles on the topic:

  • A Molecular Stratification of Chilean Gastric Cancer Patients with Potential Clinical Applicability which can be read here
  • High Proportion of Potential Candidates for Immunotherapy in a Chilean Cohort of Gastric Cancer Patients: Results of the FORCE1 Study that can be read here